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We Finally Know Where The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Is

We finally have answers.

Not about when George R.R. Martin’s next book will come out. The Winds Of Winter won’t be out by winter.

Not about when Half-Life 3 will come out. Valve’s next shooter will probably be something you play with your mind.

No, the only answer we have is where The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes is and the answer will either amuse you or upset you depending on how much stake you have in all of this nonsense.

No, this is not an update about the Rick Grimes movies. This is about Fortnite. Rick Grimes has left Georgia and Alexandria and The Walking Dead behind and is now exclusively a Fortnite skin. Such are the times we live in.

Andrew Lincoln’s sheriff-turned-zombie slayer is now purchasable in Epic Games’s hit battle royale title. He joins fan-faves Michonne and Daryl Dixon and is apparently part of the ongoing “Fortnitemares” Halloween event.


You can buy Rick as a skin alone or as part of a bundle with some other cosmetic goodies. None of this will scratch your itch for new Rick Grimes content but it will drain your bank account for no discernable reason given that Fortnite is free and skins and cosmetics do nothing to improve your play.

Rick Grimes is the second Rick to crossover into Fortnite’s metaverse. Rick from Rick And Morty joined the game earlier this year.

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