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The Fastest Ferrari Menswear Style From The Spring 2022 Collections

This year men’s fashion week in Italy feels like a new start. The purpose of developing a fashion methodology for what the industry refers to as technically-advanced over an era that came and went.

Fashion is no longer evolutionary but rather revolutionary. The menswear industry never stops learning. But also, apart from the creativity, consumers are more and more aware of the political side. There are alot of factors in the life of design and production which combine to develop into brand culture. These days, sustainability is at the forefront of conversation with respect to production strategies. But at the same time, it is important to be confident.

It seems to me that luxury menswear is going down that route, opening up more to the public and letting them know how the overall brand DNA operates. That being said, last month marked the fourth season on digital fashion week in Milan. Over the years, Milan fashion week has forged a creative hub of fashion, music and media that augmented into a cultural magnet attracting people from all over the planet. However, this season, with only three shows on the fashion calendar —Etro, Dolce & Gabbana, and Giorgio Armani – it certainly hadn’t captured the energy and excitement of years past. Times change. Things move forward.


For me, the real excitement was attending the Ferrari runway show in Modena, Italy. A world renowned luxury-automotive company based on the values of innovation, performance and craftsmanship, the fashion collection triggered the feeling of speed and power. For me, the mens, womens and children apparel and accessories powerfully displayed a narrative of modern Italian craftsmanship at its best.

Showcasing multi-functional and sustainable fabrics, bold primary colors, and innovative and assertive form- all the time ignoring the barriers of gender that is attuned to the youthful generations of today. In my opinion, the Ferrari fashion collection was the much-needed remedy for a lifestyle that includes fashion. Upon viewing the collection at the company’s headquarters, there was a sense of unbridled optimism fueled (pun-intended) by the racy designs of creative director Rocco Iannone.

There is such heritage and mystique around the Ferrari name. It conveys a sexy feeling of ultimate luxury. Pivoting his attention to the creation of new non-automotive products, Nicola Boari, Ferrari Chief Brand Diversification officer, seems to have his finger on the pulse when it comes to being attentive to social and cultural developments. The strategy to develop the collection seemingly merges man and machine within one brand culture.

In the last few decade the luxury fashion business system changed by overarching constraints that fashion has undergone and cultivated to focus on new customer experiences.

At the helm of overseeing the brands diversification division, Iannone is responsible for designing the fashion and accessories collections as well as coordinating the brands non-automotive activities. Designing a fashion collection for Ferrari is a new conception in the fashion arena and Iannone’s sensitivity allows his vision to easily connect with the nature of a new global culture aligned with progressive thought.

Employing a perfect balance of Ferrari nostalgia and cutting-edge power style that was indicative to a fiery and high-octane collection. The models and celebrities came down the runway like a luxury race car come to life. Out-of-the-ordinary color and fabric combinations are a key point to his synthesis of creativity demonstrated on the runway in a chic yet powerful expression of style.

During a time when virtual runways have become the new norm and fashion houses have strayed away from lavish events, Ferrari took the fashion reigns with a call to arms and ushered in new possibilities of thoughtful tailoring and innovative fabrics with racy ensembles and androgynous silhouettes.

Although it is predicted that fashion week will be coming on full force in September 2021, for now Ferrari is first at the finish line!

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