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So Destiny 2’s HELM Is A Giant Spaceship, Right?

Yesterday, Destiny 2 teased a new expansion of the HELM, the new story/mission assignment space that arrived with Season of the Chosen.

As seen above, we are carving out a new section for our Fallen allies from House Light, and there seems to be both a small ketch there, and a Servitor being built or modified. Presumably this is where we work with Splicers to build our new weapons and get new seasonal quests, and if the HELM functions similarly to how it did this season, we will probably see some story beats inside here as well. No word on if any baby Fallen are around.

This addition to the HELM has reinforced the growing theory that this new space is not just another section of the Last City on the wall somewhere, it’s actually a work-in-progress spaceship that will expand over time and then finally actually launch to do…something, in the future.

HELM stands for the Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but both “emergency” and “maneuvers” seem to reinforce the idea that if something happens to The Last City and we need to get a bunch of humans (and now Fallen) offworld quickly, this may be the way to do it.


The architecture of the helm may be the biggest clue. The entire main area feels like the bridge of a ship, particularly like the Helicarrier in Avengers or the Normandy in Mass Effect. The space is perfectly symmetrical, something you don’t see with any of the other social spaces, but something you would see with an actual spaceship. If you look out the from windows (again, effectively a windshield), you can see ships on either side implying we’re in some sort of hangar area.

So if the HELM is a ship…why does it exist? And what will it do in the future?

Destiny is no stranger to massive ships being hallmarks of many races. The Cabal have both Leviathan and the Almighty. The Hive have the Dreadnaught and their War Moons. Humanity has no real answer to any of that, so they may have decided it’s time to build a super-ship of their own.

That said, this ship doesn’t seem to be that level big. Like “kill the sun, eat a moon for breakfast” big like some of these others. I mean, certainly larger than our little ships we take from planet to planet, but on the scale of those others? I very much doubt it. It’s speculated the Almighty is 3,000 kilometers long. Leviathan is smaller, eating Nessus which is 50 kilometers, but still. The Dreadnaught is estimated to be 565 miles long. In short, HELM might be like a normal size colony or warship, but not a mega world-destroyer.

What’s the plan here? My guess is we see the HELM continue to be built-out season to season until eventually it launches and the fact that it’s a ship is fully revealed. As for whether it’s a weapon, safe harbor for humanity, or both, I don’t know, but it reminds me of how Borderlands 3 took Sanctuary on the road by turning it into a spaceship, so perhaps that’s what Destiny has planned for it someday if say, the Pyramids decided to sunset the earth.

There’s also the idea that in the future, Destiny as a series may leave our solar system entirely, something it has only done in glimpses of the lore as we hear tales from the Vex, Cabal, Hive and Fallen homeworlds. We are running out of viable, interesting locations in our own solar system at this point, so maybe this is what humanity uses to reach beyond the stars. I mean at this point it’s not like we haven’t been able to study a metric ton of interstellar tech from our enemies.

So yes, I think it’s a ship. No, I don’t know what the plan is, other than a few more expansions, I’d guess. We’ll see where this goes, but keep an eye on it.

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