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She makes being a toyboy fun!

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My husband won’t leave our neighbour alone

My husband won’t leave our neighbour alone

Dear Bunmi,

I recently made love to a woman 11 years older than me and it was the best night of my life. She was really amazing. I’m used to being in control but she bossed me around in bed and told me exactly how to pleasure her. 

As a result, I found myself doing stuff I’d never thought of doing with a woman and was shocked at how brazen and explicit she was. Are older women as dirty in bed as she was?

Alan, by e-mail

Dear Alan,

You’re discovering the many benefits of dating an older woman! I wouldn’t agree with you that older women are dirty, but they often know their own minds and body. Many men believe they have to take full responsibility for what happens in bed, but it can be a huge relief to let a more experienced partner take over.

It’s obvious you had a great time and learnt a lot from your recent experience.

You’ve also realized the benefits of listening to your lover and learning what women desire most in bed.

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