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Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo Makes White House Debut At The White House. Here Are The Main Takeaways.


Singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo, known for her top charting debut album “Sour” is partnering with President Joe Biden to encourage people, especially teens, to get vaccinated—a move by the White House to increase vaccination rates.

Key Facts

Rodrigo appeared at the White House Press briefing, discussing the importance of getting vaccinated and encouraging people to talk about getting vaccinated with their family and friends.

Rodrigo will be recording videos on both her social media and the official White House social media accounts — with her first video message already up on Twitter — talking about vaccinations and answering questions about it, according to an official.

White House officials have cited Rodrigo’s popularity among young people and her influencer status with over 28 million followers on social media as part of the reason for her attendance at the White House.

Critical Quote

“It’s important to have conversations with friends and family members encouraging all communities to get vaccinated and actually get to a vaccination site, which you can do more easily than ever before,” said Rodrigo at the White House Press briefing.

Key Background

The move is in response to lower vaccination rates in the youth population, with reports of only 24.9% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 15, and 37.1% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 17 fully vaccinated. Last month, President Biden warned people to get vaccinated amid growing numbers of the highly transmissible delta variant saying, it is “particularly dangerous” for young people. One of his plans to increase vaccinations for youth include getting more vaccines to primary care doctors and pediatricians. Meanwhile, other White house staff members like Anthony Fauci and Vice President Kamala Harris have also been strategizing to encourage vaccinations using platforms like Tik Tok and livestream gaming.

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