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Outriders’ Next Patch Will Target Brood Mother One-Shotting

Outriders continues to truck along with bug fixes, and after restoring everyone’s gear (and then some), they’ve set their sights on a particularly bizarre damage mitigation bug where sometimes players will find themselves one-shot out of nowhere in situations where that simply shouldn’t happen.

People Can Fly has announced that the Outriders patch for this is still being worked on, and will not be out until next week, it seems. But in the note, they mention one specific enemy in particular, saying that this patch will “contain changes to Brood Mother damage behavior which can currently cause the insta-kill issue that some players have observed with this enemy in particular.”

Yep, I have definitely experienced this with Brood Mothers in Outriders. Brood Mothers have many problems, their invisible blue fire, their absurd leap attack that you pretty much cannot dodge roll away from. But the ability to occasionally one-shot you with a single melee is one thing I have definitely seen very, very often. In one memorable expedition, during a pillar segment which essentially demands you stay in one place, I watched in horror as a Brood Mother slashed through both a teammate and I in one attack, instantly one-shotting both of us from almost full health. Expedition over immediately.

The one-shotting issue does seem like it stems from melee enemies in particular which just have an absolute ton of damage. I’ve noticed this in particular from Brood Mothers, but also Perforos and human enemies. Alpha Perforos actually don’t one shot that often, but if you stand close after a leap, two-shotting is certainly in the cards. The Brood Mother issue in particular, however, does feel like a genuine bug, given how it can seemingly bypass all your mitigation.

After this, I am going to suggest one thing and one thing only as the next “fix” that People Can Fly need to address.


Buff legendary drop rates.

That’s it. This is a PvE game that is not meant to be a live service. There is no earthly reason to make people grind through this level of RNG to put gearsets together for different builds. What’s the point of having people go 300 hours without one helmet they want dropping? Why have pretty much just one tier of one activity of the game (CT14 Expeditions) be the place to farm, and even there, it’s one legendary drop every other run or so, at best.

Whether or not that happens is anyone’s guess, but considering there are no microtransactions we’re being driven toward with increased “engagement,” I don’t really get it. In any case, the damage bug should be fixed soon, I’ll post about that when it’s live next week.

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