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NZXT Releases Sleek Capsule USB Microphone For Style-Conscious Twitch Streamers

I recently reviewed NZXT’s Streaming Plus PC, so it’s only fitting that mere days later, the stylish system integrator has unveiled its first streaming microphone.

The NZXT Capsule, a cardioid USB mic that retails for $129.99, is being marketed as “plug-and-play” and having “nothing to configure” out of the box. You can order the Capsule in either white or black, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can pair it with the also newly released low noise Boom Arm. The companion accessory, which is already sold out on NZXT’s website, retails for an additional $99.99.

The Capsule sports features like 24-bit audio, a pre-configured gain level (which you can adjust on your own) and a cardioid polar pattern that claims to “capture your voice and nothing else”. There’s also an internal shock mount, internal pop filter and a supposed metal build construction.

Early reviews for the Capsule seem promising so far, with many testers praising the device’s recording quality and simple installation. The higher price, especially when compared to other similar mid-tier USB microphones, along with a lack of extensive on-board adjustment dials, seem to be the main drawbacks so far.

The Capsule, at least referring to early impressions, should be a solid choice for gamers and streamers who aren’t wanting to get lost in professional-level audio minutiae and desire (generally) good quality audio coupled with plug-and-play simplicity. Plus, from initial images, the NZXT aesthetic looks to be shining through in a big way. If you’re into that minimal, clean visual appeal, then this could be a peripheral to watch.


I should have a Capsule review sample arriving soon, so hands-on testing will be published shortly. It will be interesting to see first-hand if this mic makes a worthy addition to NZXT’s pre-existing lineup of streaming pre-build PCs.

Perhaps an NZXT webcam is on the horizon? It wouldn’t be farfetched to speculate.

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