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New iPhone 13 Details Reveal Apple’s Huge Change

After some production problems, Apple’s new iPhone family is expected to make its regular launch date in early September. While the new iPhone 13 design is expected to be broadly similar to the current handsets, there’s one big change that’s going to make the iOS-powered smartphone stand out.

The iPhone 13 was already expected to come with a much larger camera assembly, but MacRumor’s Juli Clover has reported on schematics seen by the site that show just how deep the camera changes go. These new reports back up previous leaked information on Apple’s new camera design

While the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro smartphones are expected to be around 7.4mm thick (slightly up on the iPhone 12 family, albeit by just 0.17mm), the camera island will jump by 2.5mm on the base model and 3.4mm on the Pro model.

In a key design change the lenses will slightly recessed into the camera island offering protection similar to the ridges around the lenses currently on offer; and the overall size of the island is also expected to be increased.

Camera technology continues to be a key differentiator between smartphones, especially at the premium level. The next iPhone will be no exception. Apple is expected to expand its use of sensor stabilisation technology to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models; currently only the iPhone 12 Pro Max has this hardware which primarily allows for better performance in low-light conditions. An improved wide-angle lens is also being discussed, moving up to a six-element f/1.8 lens.


Unfortunately the periscope zoom lens, offering greater optical magnification, will not be seen until 2022’s presumptively-named iPhone 14.

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