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Known For His Detailed Couture Gowns, Tony Ward’s 2022 Bridal Collection Is Dreamy And Audaciously Mesmerizing

Lebanese designer Tony Ward just unveiled his Spring 2022 bridal collection, La Mariée from Beirut. The designer is known for his bridal and couture lines, and is a popular choice for women in Lebanon and around the world.

The collection is dreamy and draws in a bride-to-be, as Ward’s attention to detail through embroidery, sequins, playing with volumes and veils meets the expectation of the 2-year-old girl inside of a woman who has been waiting her whole life to wear her dream wedding dress.

Tony Ward is known for his unapologetic attention to detail. His background in architecture and his familiarity in couture designs is poignant, leaving those at his fashion shows mesmerized by what he can do with passion, a sketch pad, textiles, and the appropriate sewing materials. His gowns are known by American women, as he sells from New York’s Kleinfeld.

The House equates the collection to a dream, to floating between dreams and falling in love. Ward’s aim was to create bridal looks that signify tying the knot and bringing out the euphoric feeling of a bride finally realizing she has met the one, and by “the one,” it’s: the dress.


“She might fall for princess gowns or versatile overskirts, or she might prefer a clinched waist or a body-hugging line, or a heart-shaped bustier or long, illusion sleeves- laces, organza, tulle, off-white or blush,” notes the House in a statement. But, whatever a bride is desiring, Ward has provided her the gift of choice, from column overskirt gowns, and off the shoulder volume in “Aisha;” to a pale rose gold sequined gown with a lace cape in “Vanina;” and, “Kendall” with its off-the shoulder A-line gown with long flowing trumpet sleeves.

Gowns can be paired with unique head pieces from veils that are long and flowy, to Medieval inspired cloak veils, and an eye-catching pouf veil.

It’s a collection where it’s clear that Ward put a lot of time and passion into helping a woman find “the dress,” the awe-encompassing one that will make her feel like the queen that she is on her and her husband’s wedding day.

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