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Joe Jonas Brings This One Thing Whenever He Travels

As the world begins to open, everyone is eager to resume normal activities. And a major one is travel. But, understandably, there’s some hesitancy. Expedia recently launched its Travel Companions Report in collaboration with Joe Jonas that revealed 80% of American adults feel stressed about booking international trips, and 60% said they needed a helping hand when booking travel compared to pre-COVID times. So, to reduce the stress, Expedia made 250 exact replicas of Joe Jonas’ right hand to symbolize the support and reassurance Expedia hopes to bring to travelers. I chatted with the singer as part of this unique partnership to find out where he hopes to travel next and the one thing he always travels with. Plus, he revealed the quarantine activity that inspired his bucket list destination. 

Why is this partnership with Expedia important to you?

“One of the best parts about traveling is who you travel with.​This is something Expedia understands, which is why I’m so excited to partner with them as part of their commitment to be the ultimate travel companion and lend a helping hand to travelers everywhere.  

As people start thinking about travel again, after what we went through in the past year, they may realize that the process of booking trips could have some feeling of hesitation. This is why having a trusted companion, someone to be there during all stages of travel, is now so important. I love traveling so much I cannot wait to get out there and travel again myself.”

How does it feel to have your literal hand helping people?

“It’s awesome! We want people to feel confident as they prepare to travel the world again. It’s meant to be a symbol of companionship that is with you for every step of the journey. ​ A Helping Hand that supports you – from the moment you book a trip to barding a plane (or car), and at any point in your travels.”

Who is your favorite travel companion? 

“I always seem to invite as many friends as I can on vacations or trips if it’s not too far.”

Any favorite memories?

“I specifically remember a great vacation right before lockdown to Cabo that I loved with a group of friends.” 


What’s one thing you always need when traveling?

“I always have to bring my neck pillow with me anywhere I go. It’s a comfort thing, and you may need it more often than you think.”

What destination are you most excited to visit now that the world is opening back up again?

“I’m really excited to be back to NYC to hit my favorite spots and see friends. I also can’t wait to get back to Austin, TX. It’s such a fun town and has a great vibe.”   

Is there a destination still on your bucket list?

“I would love to see the northern lights in person. During the lockdown, I would sit and watch them on YouTube, so to see them in person will be a dream.”

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