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How to unlock the Overwatch Halloween Terror challenge skins

Every year, Overwatch hosts a Halloween event, and this year, it’s known as Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021. Within the event, there are skins to earn, which is always one of the most anticipated aspects of Overwatch holidays.

Unlocking the Overwatch Halloween Terror challenge skins

players can acquire Halloween themed skins in Overwatch (image via Blizzard)skins in the event and will be limited, so players will want to stay vigilant during Halloween Terror 2021.

In order to get each skin, they will need to complete weekly challenges that pertain to Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021. Each week will feature one hero skin, such as Genji, that players can earn.

The catch is that they will only have that one week to earn the skin before the next week starts. There are three Overwatch Halloween Terror event weeks in total which feature Genji, Roadhog, and Zarya.

Challenges for each week during the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 event

Each week, a new Halloween skin will be featured that can be earned for free by completing challenges. Week 1 of the event starts with Genji sporting a skeleton theme on a black background. Below, each event and its rewards will be listed in full.

Week 1 of Overwatch Halloween Terror – Skeleton Genji

Genji is the first skin to unlock. (Image via Blizzard)Zarya sports a viking theme this year. (Image via Blizzard)Roadhog rounds out the Halloween event. (Image via Blizzard)Also Read

  • Clown Icon: 9 games played
  • Clown Spray: 18 games played
  • Clown Roadhog Skin: 27 games played

It’s important to note that a win will count as two games played, so the process can be sped up in the Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021 event.

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