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How To Speed Farm Destiny 2’s Festival Of The Lost

Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost has returned, and after three years, finally has a different central activity. The Haunted Forest has been replaced by Haunted Lost Sectors, which are spook-ified versions of a few existing Lost Sectors, now with glowing holograms, Glint narration and new mechanics.

There are a few main “goals” for Festival of the Lost as it runs over the next few weeks here:

  • Get a god roll Jurassic Green pulse rifle
  • Get all the pages of the Book of the Forgotten unlocked
  • Get all masks and shaders and rewards from triumphs

And the way to do all of this is pretty self-explanatory. Run activities, get pages, run Haunted Lost Sectors, convert pages, getting candy all the while.

But if you want to do this efficiently? That’s a different story, and there are a few things you should know about both Haunted Lost Sectors and page farming.

Haunted Lost Sectors

So, the mechanics here are that you stand in zones which spawn Headless One boss Knights that need to be killed. They have special mechanics like triple protection walls and Wizard fog, and a decent amount of health


For killing them quickly, I would recommend a sword, given that they spawn on top of you. Relentless Whirlwind is the play, as you will need the ammo and damage. An alternate heavy would be 1K Voices with Particle Repeater on for big damage. I do not recommend rockets unless you want to keep blowing yourself up in these tight spaces. For secondaries, this is probably time to bust out your shotguns or fusions with Vorpal, a Cartesian Coordinate in particular if you have one, again, with Particle Repeater.

There are a bit more mechanics to this than there appears to be. You actually have to keep an eye out for multiple zones that spawn, as they will have countdown timers. If you don’t spawn additional Headless Ones in time, those zone will disappear, and you will not get the “max” amount of bosses to spawn and therefore pages converted that you could have.

This is true for the boss phase too, as additional Headless Ones killed here, even if you don’t need to kill them to finish the activity, will also convert more pages. I think the ultimate max for each Lost Sector is 15 bosses killed and pages converted. If you kill 9 or 10 too quickly before the final boss, you will have to sit around doing nothing and wait for the timer to expire. Enemies simply stop spawning eventually. It’s weird, but no, the activity is not broken.

Page Farming

There are a few methods of quick page farming that are more efficient that simply hopping into the Vanguard, Crucible or Gambit playlists.

Public Events – Heroic public events give 2 or 3 pages, so if you want some amount of diversity you can race around the EDZ or Nessus right as events spawn to burn through events and get pages. Some events are obvious better (Ether Harvest) than others (Glimmer Drill) for the time it takes to complete them.

Wrathborn Hunts – There are two ways to do this. With a group, you can repeatedly farm the boss checkpoint for 5 pages every 45 seconds or so. Solo, you can pick an easy one (Dreaming City Wizard), reset your lure charge as soon as you spawn in, and then keep farming it quickly and infinitely. Fallout has a video showing this method:

Corrupted Expunge: Tartarus – You can head back to last season for speed runs of Tartarus, as you can clear this in just over three minutes if you do it right, and it will yield something like 5 pages and 300 candies a run. To do this efficiently you need to know how to do the jump skip:

Lake of Shadows – It’s the Nightfall this week and you can speed run the Adept version in 3 minutes or so with a good group for a lot of pages and candy. This will only work this week, since the Nightfall will change over, and you’ll need a team that knows what it’s doing to make it ultra-efficient.

For my money, I’m mostly doing public events mainly because I can’t stomach doing the exact same activity too many times in a row. But the other methods are probably better overall. I think pages cap out at 75, so start converting before you run into that cap and they’re going to waste. And anything that is getting you pages is also getting you candy, so I’m not sure if it’s worth writing up separate farms for that.

One final note:

The Ascendant Lens

If you got the reward for completing Festival content last year, the Ascendant Lens, you can turn it into Mara Sov in her chambers and she will give you 21 pages, 3 Jurassic Green rolls and 1 Prism for your trouble. A neat little bonus.

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