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Here Are All The Possible ‘Destiny 2’ Transmog Quests So You Know What You’re Getting Into

Destiny 2 has given players a bunch of different options in how they unlock their capped 10 transmog items per season, and players are quickly discovering that some quests are more grindy than others.

The most grindy thing of all, of course, is the 150 Synthstrand you will need to buy one of these bounties in the first place, given that it’s a literal timegate where it can only drop every two minutes at most, so it takes something like five hours of gameplay to farm up enough to buy a single bounty on one character.

Once you do, you want to make sure that you “choose right,” and you definitely want to avoid a few of these categories of bounties, I’d say. Some of it depends on what you’re into. I’d say the Crucible ones are the easiest overall to complete, but I know some people hate PvP with the fire of a thousand suns.

Anyway, here are all the different quest requirements that can come up when you pick a bounty category, via JPDeathBlade who is the best at finding all this stuff in the API.


 Vanguard Bounty Objectives:

  • 40 Champions in Nightfall
  • 200,000 points in Nightfall
  • Complete 4 Nightfall strikes, Grandmaster gives 4
  • Complete 4 strikes with 200 [Void/Arc/Solar] kills

Gambit Bounty Objectives:

  • 50 Guardian kills as team
  • Complete 7 matches and as team kill 200 with [Void/Arc/Solar]
  • Defeat 30 Primevals, Envoys, and HVT.
  • Send or defeat 50 Blockers

Crucible Bounty Objectives:

  • Complete 8 matches and as team kill 100 with [Void/Arc/Solar]
  • Defeated 75 opponents
  • As a team defeated 300 opponents (your kills count for more)
  • Capture 30 zones

Raid (or Dungeon) Bounty Objectives:

  • Defeat 50 challenging combatants
  • As a team get 150 Arc, Void, and Solar kills
  • Complete the final encounter
  • Complete 2 encounters
  • Generate 100 Orbs of Power

Destination Bounty Objectives:

  • Complete 4 Empire Hunts
  • Defeat 50 Nightmares
  • Open 15 Alters of Sorrow Chests
  • Complete 10 Public Events
  • Defeat 85 Champions, Bosses, or HVT + Loot chests
  • Complete 5 Wrathborn Hunts
  • Open 10 Blind Well chests (high tier = more points)

I would say that easily the Destination bounties are the worst and most time-consuming. The Vanguard ones aren’t bad, particular if you do low level matchmade ordeals which go pretty fast. Crucible is very easy because you can usually rely on your team. The dungeon/raid ones should be able to be finished in one run of either. The Gambit ones will take a long while considering how fast Gambit matches can go and your team may not even spawn any primevals or envoys.

For the most part, I’m picking Crucible or Vanguard, but those are your options so gamble how you will. And let’s all sit and have a prayer circle for a Synthstrand drop rate buff.

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