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‘Forspoken’ For PlayStation 5 And PC Continues To Impress In Latest Trailer

Since the reveal of what Project Athia actually was back in March, Forspoken was shown off at the recent PlayStation Showcase and there’s a lot to be excited about.

While the promotion is more about the story side of things, as well as the people tackling the writing and music, none of that is overly interesting if I am honest.

While the actors on this seem decent and put in good performances in the new trailer (shown below), the dialogue feels heavy handed and clunky against the backdrop of what looks to be a functionally very involved and fascinating game.

That’s the point here really, Forspoken looks like it will have a lot to offer in the gameplay department and while a lot of the budget appears to have been spent on window dressing with ersatz Hollywood talent, the game itself is definitely the star here.

Anyway, we now know that the world that the protagonist Frey Holland finds herself is called Athia and that her powers allow her to do all sorts of amazing things.

Again, I am still getting some serious Soukaigi vibes off this game, but obviously in an extended functional sense, as that was a somewhat limited PlayStation game for its time.

Whereas Forspoken really looks like it will let you zoom all over an open world, dispensing unique attacks in a wonderfully agile way.

Put simply, I cannot wait to finally play it once it is released for the PlayStation 5 and PC next year.


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