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Creative In Conversation: Camilla Freeman-Topper On The New Camilla And Marc Fall ‘21 Collection

Australian womenswear brand, Camilla and Marc has been a hit since it was founded in 2003 by brother sister duo, Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman.

And the label hasn’t just been a hit with famous faces (cue Margot Robbie, Kate Hudson, Bella Hadid, and Rose Byrne to name a few), they’re a go-to with fashion buyers too, as they’ve built up an impressive list of stockists, all wanting in on the Camilla and Marc aesthetic; a look that hits the sweet spot between feminine and masculine, combining sharp tailoring with contemporary fluidity.

As the brand releases its Fall ’21 campaign, Camilla Freeman-Topper discusses self-expression, inspirations, and the women of the new ‘Identity’ collection.

Felicity Carter: Tell us about the ‘Identity’ collection?

Camilla Freeman-Topper: The collection is inspired by the connection between dress and feeling. So much of our experience is found at the intersection of inner self and the external world, and this collection explores that notion.

The Identity collection is relaxed and effervescent, designed with real women in mind, it’s an enduring offering of the fundamentals of a modern wardrobe. Garments are crafted with natural fabrications such as mohair, wool, and organic cotton, which is then anchored in tailored silhouettes. Femininity and masculinity co-exist with progressive authenticity.


The collection features around 30 looks and has a tonal palette of beige, white, and crème with warm hints of honeycomb and chocolate, juxtaposed by pops of colour to allow for further expression.

FC: What’s in the name of it?

CFT: Dressing has so widely been a form of self-expression, and this collection really embodies that concept in a very minimalistic way. It’s not a loud articulation, but a soft voicing of inner comfort and confidence.

FC: It’s your most sustainably made collection to date, tell us more about that?

CFT: It’s really important for us as a brand to continue to grow in our sustainability journey and each collection is a stepping stone towards the full realisation of our goals. This collection features responsibly sourced details and materials like organic cotton which requires less water and none of the pesticides found in conventional cotton, Nycose), recycled lining, hemp & organic cotton blends, natural corozo buttons, as well as recycled draw chords and toggles across the sport collection. 

FC: What’s at the heart of dressing well for you?

CFT: For me, dressing well means investing in great quality pieces that will last the test of time. Being a mother, wife, businesswoman has meant that dressing well is all about removing distractions and streamlining the process.  

FC: You’ve used a range of women to showcase the collection, how do these women encompass the collection?

CFT: It’s really important to me that we honour women at each stage of life, so both the collections and imagery we create are timeless and ageless. Projecting a fresh image of real beauty, I feel, allows women to be their true selves and I hope empowers people to feel their best self at every phase of life.

FC: What is in the pipeline for the brand?

CFT: We have many exciting projects in the pipeline however one of the most important is our goal to change the face of women’s health. I lost my mother to Ovarian Cancer when I was 11 and my brother Marc was 13. Each year we run a campaign called OVARIES, TALK ABOUT THEM, in order to raise funds and awareness in the hope to finally put to end this insidious disease.

It is actually the deadliest female cancer, and it’s incredibly personal as it attacks a very sacred part of a woman’s body. Close to 300,000 women are diagnosed worldwide each year, with 75 percent only diagnosed when it is often too late to treat effectively. After two years of campaigning, we have made a huge amount of progress, and I’m compelled to continue this important work through creative campaigns and products.

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