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Best moveset for Chandelure in Pokemon GO

With the Halloween season finally here, Ghost-type Pokemon have taken over Pokemon GO. One of these Ghost-types is the fan favorite Chandelure. Introduced in Pokemon Black and White and brought over to Pokemon GO with the other Pokemon from the Unova region, Chandelure has been a staple of the Pokemon franchise.

With the introduction of the new Halloween Cup, players are enticed to use a Ghost-type Pokemon on their team now more than ever. For players who want to use Chandelure, here are some good tips for using it in Pokemon GO’s Competitive Battle League.

Chandelure in Pokemon GO: The Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon has many resistances

Chandelure as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

In terms of a moveset, Chandelure has a couple of different options to run. For fast attacks, Chandelure can run either the Ghost-type attack Hex, or one of two Fire-type attacks, Fire Spin and Incinerate. It is recommended to run either Fire Spin or Incinerate as both of these attacks deal the most damage.

For charged attacks, Chadelure has the addition of a Grass-type attack. This attack is Energy Ball. While it does provide coverage against three of Chandelure’s weaknesses, it is never used in Pokemon GO simply because the chances of Chandelure being put in a disadvantageous matchup and surviving long enough to use the attack are incredibly low. It is recommended that Chandelure runs Shadow Ball instead due to its average energy cost and boosted attack power.

In summary, the best moveset to run on an offensive Chandelure in Pokemon GO is Fire Spin and Shadow Ball, while the best defensive set is Incinerate and Shadow Ball.

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