Australia Will Lift Ban on International Travel in November

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Australia Will Lift Ban on International Travel in November

Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia announced that the country would reopen its borders next month for fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents to travel back and forth from overseas.

We will be able to open those international borders again, and that will enable Australians who are fully vaccinated, and Australians and residents of Australia who are overseas, who are fully vaccinated to be able to travel again and to be able to lift those caps on our airports in states where they have moved into Phase C of the program. And that is where Australia is now preparing to move. This will happen next month. Thirdly, Australians who want to travel overseas once restrictions are removed will be able to access an internationally recognized proof of vaccination document that will be in the coming weeks to prove their vaccination status abroad. And that proof of vaccination for international travel will include a QR code that is readable globally. It works in with the systems that are used all around the world. It’s time to give Australians their lives back — we’ve saved lives. We’ve saved livelihoods, but we must work together to ensure that Australians can reclaim the lives that they once had in this country.

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